Tim's Photo Site
Welcome to ScubaPilot2.com
Here you will find a collection of pictures I have taken while scuba diving, flying on wildfires
and places I have been to hiking, biking and driving.

I do not claim to be an expert photographer, ace pilot or web site builder.
So if you find errors, incorrect labels, misspelling or just want to comment on something,
you can contact me at this address.

Most of my pictures are underwater, so I put them first.

Scroll down to find pictures of forest fires and other travels.

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I spent many years flying aircraft on contract to state and federal agencies to provide a platform over wild fires to
oversee or manage tankers and helicopters working the fires, and coordinate those activities with ground personnel.
It is not easy getting good photos while trying to fly an airplane around
the smoke, but I did manage to get a few pictures of some of the
fires that we flew on.

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This section has photos of some of the places
I have flown over, hiked in, biked around or drove through.
February and May 2010
Shore dives and boat dives
Diving the Puget Sound
and Hood Canal
Diving Vancouver Island Canada
Warm water diving
Coiba Island National Park
and Marine Preserve,   Panama
February 2016
Faro, Don Juan, Frijoles, Mali Mali, Suenio da
Pescadors, Bajo Pargo, Wahoo Rock
Road trip through Utah, 2018
Southwestern Oregon Fires
Central Oregon Fires
Out of State Fires
Places near and Far
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