Tankers drop retardant to slow down or cool a fire so that a fire line can be built.
They come in all sizes from single engine air tankers, or SEATs, like converted crop sprayers, to
very large air tankers, VLATs, such as the DC-10.

Here are a few.
From left to right are two P2-Vs, a BAE-146, an MD-83. On some, you may note a large hose loading retardant
with ground crews monitoring the loading.
On the left is another MD-83 being loaded with a DC-7 in the background. Beyond both is smoke from a fire southwest of Medford, OR.
The next three are DC-7s at Redmond, OR tanker base. Smoke fills the sky from a fire near the Three Sisters Mountains.
The left photo is one more from Redmond Tanker Base with the Cessna 340 that I fly in the foreground.
The next three are tankers at Klamath Falls.
The left photo is a Pilatus PC-7 used as a multi purpose platform. The middle two show aircraft with big piston engines smoking some oil on start-up.
The above row of photos shows some of the aircraft I have flown for reconnaissance and air tactical missions.
A Cessna 340, Cessna 182 and Cessna 182 turbo retract. The right photo is me at the tanker base.
A few more tanker shots. The middle two above have SEATs, the single engine air tankers
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