Upper Table Rock
A hike to the top of Upper Table Rock a few miles
north of Medford, Oregon, on August 7, 2020
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As the sign says, Upper Table rock is up stream along the Rogue River and the trail
is about a 3 mile round trip and climbs 725 feet to the top.
It does not take long to gain enough elevation to get a nice view of the valley.
A view of the top from about half way up the trail.
Looking back along the trail, left, and out at some ponds along the Rogue River.
Telephoto shots of Roxy Ann Peak, left, at 9.5 miles and 3,900 ft elevation, and
6,000 ft tall Pilot Rock at 35 miles, right.
As summer heats up, the poison oak turns red.
Yes, the top is as flat as a table.
The third photo shows a radio navigation site for aircraft in the distance.
The view looking east and south, left to right, from different viewpoints.
The view looking south to west, left to right, with
Lower Table Rock in the distance, right photo.
One more shot of Lower Table
Rock, left, and right is part of a
crumbling lava rock that makes up
the Table Rocks.