Puget Sound
Seattle Washington, July 2020
Drift diving the Tacoma Narrows and Z's Reef.
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Most days, the current through the Narrows is too
strong to dive safely, but at the lowest tidal
exchange, when the weather cooperates and the
stars line up just right, its a really nice calm dive site.
Brown Rockfish have a life span of 50 to 70
years and rarely move more than a few
hundred from the birth place.
Red Crab
Most times, Red Crabs will not allow you to get this close.
A Sea Cucumber does not have
much of a face, just a mouth.
Northern Hairy Chiton
Buffalo Sculpin hang around in more shallow water where they can hide in the kelp.
One last close up of a
Buffalo Sculpin.
A four foot long Ling Cod.