Philippines    February 2019

We split our time here between the Atlantis Resorts at Puerto Galera, 75 miles southeast of Manila
and Dumaguete, about 400 miles south of Manila.
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Mantis Shrimp
Leaf Fish
Spiny Puffer Fish
Gold Speckled Eels
Blue Ribbon Eel
Spotted Puffer Fish
Pipe Fish
Giant Frog Fish, 12 iches or more in length and can take on the color of their surroundings
Painted Frog Fish, 1 to 3 inches in length
Lion Fish
Flamboyant Cuttle Fish, 2 to 3 inches long and their eggs
Giant Cuttle Fish
Decorator Crab
Orangutan Crab
Anemone Fish, or 'Clown Fish'
Coral Shrimp
Sea Horse
Spineless Sea Urchin
Green Sea Turtles
Stone Fish
Ghost, (or glass) shrimp live in Anemones and can be nearly colorless
Ghost Shrimp
Ghost Pipe fish can blend in so well with the background, they can disappear, on the right, an Ornate Pipe Fish
Healthy corals around Apo Island
Garden Eels
A coconut octopus trying to hide in a cup
These 15 to 20 foot long Whale Sharks of Oslob are filter feeders being fed shrimp in a
very controlled display. We were some of the few allowed to snorkel with them.
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