Krouse Creek Fire was human caused and spread very fast through a few homes and then jumped the Illinois River
into a wooded home site area near the small town of Cave Junction. August 2015.
The far left photo shows the fire not long after starting and already has a spot fire near the river.
The second shot shows a tanker, and its shadow on the river, on a run to slow down the spot fires across the river.
On the left, a better picture of the spot fires. A close look at the second shot you should find the tanker through a hole in the smoke just before its drop.
The third and forth are the finish of the run.
This three shot sequence shows a tanker flying right to left on the near side of the fire.
This sequence starts with the lead plane showing a tanker where to start its drop with "air show smoke". In the larger photo the tanker can be found in the
upper left corner behind the smoke. The second photo show the tanker approaching the drop area and the last two show the finish.
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