Klamath Lake, just north of Klamath Falls, Oregon, is fed by several streams and rivers, including the Sprague River. The
lake is shallow and adjacent areas have been drained and farmed for most of the last century. In the last couple dozen
years, the Nature Conservancy has purchased some of the area and is returning much of it to its original marsh land state.
These pictures are from a flight chartered by the Conservancy to view the progress of that reclamation.
Millions of gallons of water rise up from Big Springs to form the one and a half mile long river, left, which joins the Williamson River and
then the Sprague River near the small town of Chiloquin, second, and flows into Klamath Lake, third.
On the right, part of the original marsh and an area being reclaimed.
The photo on the left shows another area being returned to marsh. Second is Mt. McLoughlin across the lake.
The third photo shows an area being farmed, (cattle and hay), among abandoned ox-bows from the river.
On the right is the lower Sprague River.
These last five photos show the Sycan Marsh, another area up the Sprague River, that is also being
returned to its original marsh land state. Some ranching remains, second and third photo, and some
original marsh remains, right photo, and below left shows an area being re flooded into a marsh after
decades of being drained range land.