Grand Canyon
Entering from the east, South Rim Drive to Grand Canyon Village
September 2019
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Entering from the East, the first view point you come to is called Desert View where the "Watch Tower" is located.  As the sign in the third position above
explains, none of the art work or artifacts shown here are real, but are examples of what one may find from the many Indian Nations of the Southwest.
The builder went to great lengths to show a lot of different art work that I found very interesting.
And, of course, the view from the top of the tower was spectacular.
These three photos are looking east and north.
Aside from the view, the Grand Canyon is about time. Estimated to have started 5 million years ago, the Colorado River
has carved down to rocks as much as 1,200 million years old. The view from Lipan Point.
Looking west from the "Watch tower".
Our next stop, Navajo Point, along the rim with the "Watch Tower" in the distance in the photo on the right.
Hance Rapids is the roughest water in the canyon, and the second photo tries to reproduces the small one in the sign.
Further along the rim drive, I got a zoomed in shot without the cloud shadows, the third photo.
Some of the history of settlers and miners in the canyon, the circle in the photo on the
right shows the location of the Last Chance Mine from Grandview point.
I had never heard of the Duck on a Rock, but I guess its been sitting there for a while.
These last photos above and below, were taken near the Grand Canyon Village and Visitors Center, Shoeshone, Yaki and Mather Point.
I tried to capture, in the center photo, the discussion on the sign to the left. Plateau point is in the shadow lower left, Phantom Ranch is the small
green spot near the center, and to the right of the ranch, is Black Bridge, built in 1928, that the Bright Angel Trail crosses to reach the ranch.  
The third photo is zoomed in on that bridge taken from Yavapai Point.
These pictures were taken on a day trip from Sedona,
about two hours drive south. Pictures of hiking
around Sedona can be seen