God's Pocket Resort
Hurst Isle, B.C., Canada
Dive sites in the Browning Pass area include 7 Tree Island, Browning Wall, Ruth's Rocks, Hoodie Nudie Bay,
Buttertart Reef, Fantasy Island, Snowfall, Northwest Wall, Barry Island, and Hussar Point East and West.
Hooded Nudibranchs, in Hoodie Nudie Bay, capture their food in 2 to 3 inch nets.
Frosted Nudibranchs
Barnacle with its feeding net.
Lemon Peel Nudibranch
Hermit crab with its shell
covered with little barnacles.
Common Kelp Crab
Basket Stars
Giant Pacific Octopus, but she wouldn't come out to play.
Tube Worms
Anemones in lots of different colors.
A bunch of Irish lord faces.
Sea Pens
Grunt Sculpin
Above and left is a young adult
Wolf Eel hunting for crabs.
Heath's Dorid
Monterey Sea Lemon
Clown Nudibranch
Giant Nudibranch
Opalescent Nudibranch
Gorgonian Corals
Blackeye Goby
Quillback Rockfish
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