Browning Pass
From God's Pocket Resort
Hurst Island, BC, Canada
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God's Pocket Bay
Hooded Nudibranchs
Hooded Nudibranch Swimming
Tube Worm
Sea Pen
Pacific Giant Octopus
Red Dendronotid
Three-lined Nudibranch
Orange Peel Nudibranch
Noble Sea Lemon
Leopard Dorid
Frosted Nudibranch
Tara's Dorid
Nudibranch Eggs
Black-eyed Goby
Puget Sound King Crab
Juvenile Puget Sound King Crab
Kelp Crab
Longhorn Decorator Crab
Maroon Hermit Crab
Sharp-nose Decorator Crab
Sea Urchins
Green Surf Anemone
Rose Anemone
Painted Anemone
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