The Ghost Town of Golden, Oregon
The community of Golden is just a few miles from Wolf Creek, Oregon, just north of
Grants Pass. Once a busy gold mining town, now abandon and preserved as a state
park, there really isn't much there but a few original buildings and a short hiking trail to
the seasonal Coyote Creek. Just the same, it is a quiet, out of the way place to take in
some of the history of Southern Oregon.
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The general store
This sign gives a brief history of the town
Out front of the store.
Inside the store, the back wall appears
to have been damaged and fallen down.
The out side looked original.
Inside the store.
Next to the store, maybe a storage shed?
I believe this to be the public restroom next to the store.
Seems it needs some help standing up.
The one room school house.
The church and graveyard next to it. Two original wooden markers remain.
Inside the church with rough
cut cedar boards on the wall.
The other walls inside the church
were covered with burlap.
These last four pictures are along
the trail through the wetlands and
to Coyote Creek which has little
surface water in September when
these photos were taken.