Crater Lake National Park is a volcano that collapsed about 7,700 years ago and now is the seventh
deepest fresh water lake in the world.

Having been to the park many times, here is a collection of photos from the ground and air.
A scenic flight to Crater Lake in March of 2010 contrasts the blue water with the white snow. Wizard Island is in the second photo.
The photo at right is Mt. Thielsen and in the far background Mt. Bachelor and the Sisters.
The second photo is Mt. Scott southeast of the lake and the third photo shows
Phantom Ship Rock on the south edge of the lake.
You can't  fly to Crater Lake without going past Mountain Lakes
Wilderness Area, far left, and Mt. McLoughlin, near left.
From the ground, the first snows of winter sometime in the early 1980s
and a telephoto of Phantom Ship Rock on the right.
Winter around the rim. The second photo shows the Lodge December 1974.
Left is one of the pumice canyons with spires from old fumaroles. Second photo is from near lake level.
Annie Springs on the left is another pumice canyon. On the right is a forest fire started by lightning in early
August 2015 called the National Fire. If you would like to see what this fire developed into just a couple weeks
Click on this link.