Cozumel, Cenotes, and Mayan Ruins
Playa Del Carmen As
Tropical Storm Ida
moves North
Mayan ruins
Cenotes are openings from the surface to
underground rivers of fresh water flowing
through the limestone in the Yucatan
Peninsula of Mexico. During the last ice
age, they became dry caves and formed
the stalactites and stalagmites shown
here. Filtered through the limestone, the
water is so clear it looks like air.

The caverns turn into caves that, without
proper training, one can get lost in.

Below center shows a conch fossil.
Below are pictures from the reefs of Cozumel, well, except for the Dolphin, he has been
raised in captivity and was in the pool at the hotel for protection from tropical storm Ida.
Barrel Sponge
Purple Rope Sponge
Yellow Tube Sponge
Green Moray Eel
Splendid Toad Fish
Green Sea Turtle
Grey Angle Fish
Nurse Shark
Spotted Drum Fish
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Purple Vase Sponge
Hermit Crab