Netherland Antilles
December 2013
The Sand Dollar Condos and Resort Ocean front and beach.
Local wildlife included Lizards, Iguanas, Flamingos, And Donkeys
Slave huts housed forced laborers for
the salt flats in early Bonaire.

Still a major export for the country, you
can see salt piles in the distance
above the donkeys to the left.
Bonaire was one of the first to
create a marine park to preserve
the reefs and fishes that surround
this island nation.
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Smallmouth grunts
Yellow goat fish
Spotted eel
Black Crinoid
Scorpion fish
Gray Snapper
Smooth Trunkfish
Schoolmaster and Black Bar Soldierfish
Sargent Majors
Green Sea Turtle
Reef Squid
French Grunt
Longjaw Squirrelfish
Spotted Drum
Spotted Burfish
Brown Chromis and Elephant Ear Sponge
French Angelfish
Black Bar Soldierfish
Rock Hind
Red Hind
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