Arches National Park is mostly a hike in place as the road does not take you close to many of the
sites. Some trails are short and very well built and others are what the park calls 'primitive'.
Which we learned means not very well marked and may involve steep rocky climbs.
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The road into Arches passes some very monument looking sandstone and near 'Balanced Rock'.
A short trail leads right up to and around the formation.
The second trail we walked was called 'The Windows'. Left is the 'Double Arch' and the second and third photos is called 'Turret Arch'.
On the right is 'North' and 'South' Windows.
That's Peg on the trail from 'Turret arch' to the Windows in the next three photos.
On a third trail, 'Tunnels Arches' were the first. The second photo is the trail to 'Pine Tree Arch' in the third and fourth photos.
And for scale, that is Peg lower center of the fourth shot.
The left photo is looking back through 'Pine Tree Arch'. Blooming cactus in the right three shots found along the trail.
The left three photos are of 'Landscape Arch' and is probably the most photographed arch in the park. This arch is now considered very unstable and
likely to collapse, hence the railing to discourage getting close. The right photo is 'Partition Arch'.
'Double O Arch' is on the left. The right two shots are of an area called 'Fiery Furnace'
and should be seen at sunset, we did not.

We saw only a small number of the arches in the park due to time a difficulty hiking to
some of them.